CzechDreamin ’19: Two Gigs in Prague!

Another community conference debut in 2019 is CzechDreamin’ in Prague. Martin Humpolec and his team have crafted a wonderful four-track conference, and there’s plenty of interesting stuff to learn: Rikke Hovgaard will give an Analytics workshop, René Winkelmeyer and Philippe Özil will present on LWC, and much, much more. If your calendar allows, grab one of the last tickets and come to Prague on August 16th.

I’ll be hitting the stage twice:

  • In Klub A at 14:45, I’ll review how the Platform Cache can help you boost your apps performance. Platform Cache was introduced in 2016 and a lot has changed since then – learn how (and why) to use it and what kind of use cases still exist after the advent of heavily cached Lightning Experience.
  • And at 16:45, again in Klub A, Christian Szandor Knapp and I will have yet another gig together, but this time with a side note. While researching for the topic we planned (and how to give it a Kafka theme), we found ourselves in a kafkaesque story when all that seemed obvious looked less and less clear the closer we looked.

Again – get your tickets while stocks last – it’s going to be the #1 summer conference in Europe!

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