YeurDreamin ’19: Put the Wow! into your Flow

Christian Szandor Knapp and I ran a hands-on workshop at the first installment of the YeurDreamin’ conference in Amsterdam on June 14th, 2019. It’s been a wonderful summer day, and the Amsterdam crew – Paul Ginsberg, Kathryn Chlosta, AndrĂ© van Kampen, Kevin Jackson, and their team – really made it stand out.

[slideshare id=158181315&doc=yeurdreamin19wow-flow-workshoppublic-190726195726]

Our storyline was quite easy: Lightning Experience allows you to be really creative to motivate your users. Most things like conditionaly rendering are pretty easy to set up. But what should you render? How about some cool things you found on the internet?

Turns out that it requires us to use the “DEVELOPER” console. Sound scary, right? Let’s see how copy&paste coding works for us, then…

We tried to turn some fancy HTML5 / CSS3 snippets into Lightning Components and showed how to make them display values with nothing else but boilerplate code. Pretty admineloper-friendly! It really should be the “Admineloper Console” from now on.

Bottom Line : Sometimes, copy & paste programming doesn’t work. But how can I debug stuff without knowing how to debug? Our provocative answer: Throw it away and try again with something else.

The full source code of our demos and experiments can be found in Szandor’s github at

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