Open sourced: Time tracking to Salesforce with Harvest

Time tracking has always been a pain for my team, even though we once built our own time cards in our org, then fell back to submitting Google Sheets timesheets and finally ended up with Harvest and Forecast. Both are by no means perfect, but they deliver exactly what we need – so Harvest it is. All we needed was a Salesforce integration and I took up the loose ends that MavensMate’s Joe Ferraro left for me in 2011 – and *boom* – it works.

Harvest has a nice, friendly and quite well documented API (still, naming the expected data types would be great). So I worked my way through Joe’s code, made everything match the current Harvest API version and added code coverage by implementing CRM Science’s multi-mock handler (a neat little piece of creativity).

So finally, on Saturday night, I started syncing our time sheets from Harvest to Salesforce – feel free to clone, share your issues with me and send pull requests:

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  1. Great share. Thanks for a place to discuss the issue with you. This is helpful for me. However, I hope you could share a helpful hints to download & instal the Harvest for Salesforce. would you ? regards

    1. A thing about the source code is that it is pretty outdated today. It relies on the deprecated API version 1, which still works but is no longer actively supported by Harvest.

      The easiest way to install is checkout the repository and either zip up the source and deploy with Workbench, Gearset or any other tool. Or you could use Salesforce DX CLI (sfdx force:mdapi:deploy -d src), or you could use Andy Fawcett’s deploy to Salesforce app:

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