Why Omni-Channel suddenly stops working…

Geez, what a nasty thing. I implemented Omni-Channel lately to allow for a very limited number of staff skim through a huge heap of records. Omni Channel is a huge feature for this task: You can define queues for different objects, assign queues to channel, define how many items each agent can handle at a time, distribute work among agents that have capacity and so on.

Now, if something stops working abruptly on the Salesforce platform, anyone should know what happened, but I was looking for the less obvious reasons anyway. So, here’s the note to myself, and all others who have been failed by Omni-Channel all of a sudden:

  • Omni-Channel has an own set of limits, and these strictly enforced limits. 10,000 items can be simultaneously pending, and 5,000 items can be routed per hour. Numbers vary by edition, but not really: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance have these limits, and the feature is not available for Personal, Group, and Contact Manager editions. That’s it. Therefore: First point to check for all Omni-Channel Mishaps is the limit consumption.

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