#DF18 – Route Your Triggers Like a Pro!

I finally made it to be a Dreamforce speaker \o/! Teaming up with the fabulous Christian Szandor Knapp, we had a theater session on Trigger routing . You can now watch our presentation on YouTube:

The story behind our talk is quite simple: The more complex your Salesforce implementation gets, the more complex are the requirements for Trigger handling. It for sure has to be a trigger handler, not inline code in the Trigger itself. But most ways to develop a trigger handler still relied heavily on hard wiring your handler methods.

We went down a different road: Appero – Szandor’s employer – decided to opensource their Trigger framework, which we transformed into the core of our Dreamforce showcase. It’s free and available at https://github.com/appero-com/MyTriggers – try it out and give us your feedback!

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