Winter ’18 – The Treasure Hunt has just begun

The Winter ’18 has hit the first release preview organisations last night, and as usual, there are changes that immediately look and feel great, some that are less obvious, and some that are completely obscure at that times. You will still find most new features throwing a lot of front end errors, and for sure, a lot of this stuff is subject to the „Forward Looking Statement“: What you see currently will probably be available in Winter 18, some later release or not at all. This said, here are my findings so far – this list will be updated. If you want a reliable list of new/changed features, please wait for the release notes and the sandbox release due about four weeks prior to the Winter 18 production release.

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Vom Historiker zum Salesforce-Architekten…

Das ging schnell rum: Inzwischen ist es knapp ein Jahr her, dass ich das Georg-Eckert-Institut. Leibniz-Institut für internationale Schulbuchforschung hinter mir gelassen habe. Und ich bin mit der Entscheidung immer noch sehr glücklich, auch wenn ich mit Herzblut als Historiker und Grenzgänger zwischen IT und Geisteswissenschaft gearbeitet habe.  „Vom Historiker zum Salesforce-Architekten…“ weiterlesen