Winter ’18 – The Treasure Hunt has just begun

The Winter ’18 has hit the first release preview organisations last night, and as usual, there are changes that immediately look and feel great, some that are less obvious, and some that are completely obscure at that times. You will still find most new features throwing a lot of front end errors, and for sure, a lot of this stuff is subject to the „Forward Looking Statement“: What you see currently will probably be available in Winter 18, some later release or not at all. This said, here are my findings so far – this list will be updated. If you want a reliable list of new/changed features, please wait for the release notes and the sandbox release due about four weeks prior to the Winter 18 production release.

So far, I did only skim through the most obvious changes. Yet, I already found some great improvements that will be hitting Sandboxes and Production later this year:

1. Prediction Builder: Looks like you can now build Einstein predictions for your custom objects

2. New Community Template: There is a new template for „Customer Portals“, one to start from scratch („Build your own“), as well as the existing ones: Aloha (Visualforce), Partner Central and Napili. Koa and Kokua are obviously history by now

3. Huge List of New components: Looks like there will be a massive number of components, or rather base components, available in Communities. This might be linked to the new „Build your own“ template that allows for more flexible community templates.

4. Branding Sets. You now have more than one branding you can use for Communities.

5. Lightning has a Theme now that increases contrast, adds a background image. My impression is that readabiltity, contrasts and the general look and feel of LEX improves massively

6. Better Setup Navigation. Salesforce did a great job to make Lighning setup navigation much clearer and intuitive.

7. Scorecard / Scorecard Metric. Not sure how to handle this, I didn’t manage to activate this object yet, but this a Sales methodology feature and available in Classic too

8. Big Objects GA – I’ve been waiting for that for two years. Finally, I’ll have it my setup!

9. Raport Record Page Test. Very prominently placed red herring in the cogwheel navigation. You can enter a mode (view, edit), a layout type (full), a record it and hit the button, AND… it doesn’t work yet 😀

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